I miss all my creamer

Was up early today to get to work to drive so I packed my breakfast and lunch so when I arrived back at center I could warm everything up before heading out. I made almond joe oatmeal today delicious and sloppy joes with quinoa and green beans. Well I forgot the bun for sloppy joes so I just mixed the quinoa and meat all together, why not it’s going to the same area😀. For dinner tonight we made turkey tacos and I wanted to use lettuce as my shell well I ended up buying the wrong lettuce. So I filled up my shell with lettuce tomatoes little bit of meat, cheese, sour cream and salsa. Had black beans and Mexican rice in the side. Wanted another taco so I pretty much just made a salad on my plate and ate it that way without the shell😔. I did feel good today since I didn’t have so much processed food in my body. Then hubby and I shared a salted caramel cupcake I think I got my sweet fix for awhile. One thing I struggle with is I don’t bring snacks with me to work, so like today between my meals I was so hungry. When I got home a had cheese and crackers 6 each that tied me over until dinner time. But now that it’s bed time I’m hungry. I have to wait until morning to eat. Also for my goal on cutting creamer down this morning I put vanilla extract, 2 tablespoons of creamer and 1 teaspoon of sugar that was it. It wasn’t bad but I sure do miss all my creamer. Until next time…. Good night


Lonnng weekend

So I haven’t wrote anything since my last post so I will recap and keep it short. So I ate at Panera bread for lunch and Chili’s for dinner on Friday with the kids. Chipotle on Saturday with my daughter (We shared a bowl and a bag of chips), Chili’s again on Sunday with the hubby for lunch and Subway on Monday on our way to get the kids. I know that’s a lot of eating out,I agree with you and I think I somewhat figured out why I tend to eat out so much. So I do a menu for every week and go grocery shopping for the week. So since money was a little tight in the pockets last week we didn’t have much choices in our house for meals until we got paid on Friday. Then when Friday came around I didn’t feel like grocery shopping and putting together a menu. Which trying to put a menu together that is appeasing to the kids and hubby is a little difficult. It’s also difficult when your starting out trying to look for good clean healthy eating recipes, it gets tough. But anyway the weekend kept going and I kept pushing off on grocery shopping and menu planning, I did try to put a menu together on Saturday but I was getting annoyed with not finding anything and everything looking and being the same recipes I gave up. That’s when I decided to go to Chipotle with my daughter to kept dinner. Then Sunday came dropped the kids off with my mom and on our way home stopped at Chili’s. Since Sunday was Valentines day we decided to stay home cook dinner and watch movies. Hubby made T- Bone steak with hollandaise sauce, twice baked potatoes, green beans, Texas toast and a Cesar salad. Also we had a bottle of Moscato, and we went to nadias cakes to pick up dessert which were cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries with Moscato inside, mmmmm delicious. Monday before we picked up the kids I was determined to get my menu and grocery shopping done which I accomplished. That’s when I realized that if I don’t have a menu for clean healthy eating I derail and get crazy on going out to eat and not carrying what I put in my mouth and body, I just want food and good food at that. Also I only do menu planning for dinner I really just wing breakfast and lunch so those are the next things I’m concentrating on. I did find some really good oatmeal recipes on Pinterest. I tried one this morning the one I tried was a german chocolate oatmeal. I have to say I was really impressed and highly enjoyed it. Also I did not add any sugar to it, I got my sweetness from the ingredients that where in the oatmeal. I will defiantly being doing this more often. Also I have a cup of coffee every morning during the week day and I bring it with me in my mug to work, I don’t like the taste of coffee so I put about 1/4 cup of flavored creamer in my coffee so I don’t taste it. So I wanted to make a change and try to figure out different ways to make my coffee taste good without all the added sugars. I bought a new creamer its made by silk?, but its a coconut vanilla milk. So this morning in my coffee I did 2tablespoons of that then 1 teaspoon of sugar and it wasn’t bad. Not what I’m use to but will get use to it. For dinner tonight we made lemon chicken quinoa for me, rice for the rest of family and green beans. I’m really trying to incorporate more vegetables into my menu then just meat and starch. Whether the family wants them or not they will be on my plate. Last thing I went to my doc appointment yesterday about my thyroid, when she touched my neck she said it was a little swollen so I’m getting a ultra sound done to it to make sure there aren’t any nodules on them. This is another stop in my direction to a healthy me. My goal for this week is to not put so much creamer in my coffee. eeekkk that’s going to be tough but I’m up for the challenge. Until next time…. Goodnight

Today was a rough day😞

Today was just not a good day for me. Work was stressful, kids are bothering me and im ready to give up on my journey to a healthy me. Had my tostada for breakfast, left over chili for lunch and cran orange muffin. When i came home i finished my work and talked to hubby to figure out what to have for dinner. We were thinking of having pizza for dinner tomorrow but hubby has to work so we decided to do pizza tonight. I like to have pizza that has different toppings and I’m trying to stay away from red sauce since i think that’s what causes my acid reflux. But we couldn’t figure out where to orderer from so i could get a white pizza instead, nothing stood out to me that i wanted so i settled on carbones sausage pizza. While we were talking about pizza i told hubby that i wasn’t in the mood to work out today. Hubby told me to get up and go, so i went to the gym and worked out. Today i did the elliptical for 20minutes and did cardio. Within the first 2 minutes i wanted to give up because my thighs are hurting and felt tired. So i stopped then i thought to myself dont give up pansy keep going, so i did then 4 minutes in i wanted to give up again so i thought to myself again this is a good feeling in your legs don’t give up, So i kept going. Man it felt like 20 minutes would never come so i had too figure out a way to stop looking at the time. I made out to the end, then i had to lift weights and i didn’t even want to do that, but i did. I was happy my workout was over and was looking forward to getting in the house. By the time i came home the pizza was there i sat down ate my dinner gave baths and took a shower. I told hubby I’m getting into the slump where i just want to give up, I’m bored and I’m not seeing results. I’m trying i really am but this is how far i get and give up. It takes a lot to eat right and exercise. This is where the fat girl addict comes out and says lets just stop, and majority of the time i agree with her. Why can’ it just be easy to lose the weight as easy as it is to put on the weight. Like when i eat pizza and gain 5 pounds, why can’t i workout and lose 10 pounds, life would be so much easier. Also i forgot to mention i made my self my thyroid appointment for Monday. Hope i can see if this is the cause of my weight problem and i can get it under control and see the weight to start going down. Will keep all updated. Until next time…. Goodnight

Bowl full of Jell-O

Today was a good day, my sweet tooth is back so I had a little chocolate cake today with extra frosting😳. Hey when this cake is gone I won’t make another one for awhile. Had a tostada for breakfast, leftover meatloaf, mash potatoes, and corn for lunch and kielbasa and noodles with Alfredo sundried tomato sauce for dinner.Even though today was national pizza day we didn’t eat pizza 😢 But we figured we’ll  have pizza on Friday 😊.  After work I came home charged my phone a little so I had music to listen to while working out. For my workout today I did 20minutes of cardio on the bike and man that was rough. When I do the bike I usually pedal like 60-70 rpm that’s fat burn to keep my heart rate at 124. Since I was doing cardio I had to keep my heart rate up to 152 so that means up my rpm in the 100’s. That was intense and hard, I wanted to stop because I was tired but I kept thinking to myself why stop this is cardio. “Oh look at your legs they aren’t touching while your on the bike, nice.” While I was pedaling in the 100’s I wanted to hang onto the handles in front of me and when I did man my stomach looked like a bowl full of jell-o. I also didn’t have the best bra on either it was just a sports bra so when I was pedaling hard my boobs and stomach were flopping all around. I was praying that no one would come in and see me look like this, because I would stop and be like I’m done and walk out. After the cardio I was done and ready to go home but I still had to lift my weights so I did that. I always feel good after my excersie but then about an hour later I get tired and want to take a nap, but I keep my self busy so I don’t. Until next time…. Goodnight

Cake please leave me sight

So yesterday was super bowl Sunday and we had a friend and her family come over. Hubby made so much food you think we had 10 people coming over. I have to say I have lunch and breakfast stuff for the next few days so I’m ok with that. I made a chocolate cake from scratch and man was it delicious. Before I put the frosting on i ate some. Then when I was done frosting I licked the spatula. I have a love for chocolate frosting from the container, I mean really who doesnt😀. I ate a little plate of all the things we had and ate a few more chips and salsa. Then I had a piece of cake and a cup of juice. I was full after that. But then when I burped I could taste the chicken so when I went into the kitchen I would take a piece of chicken and sit down. I did that about 4 times. That’s the hard part for me is to walk pass food without sampling a piece or two especially when it’s so good.

So now where onto Monday i woke up had oatmeal for breakfast leftover chicken, cottage cheese and triscuits for lunch. Strawberry banana naked smoothie and my water and coffee. For my coffee I can’t stand the taste of black coffee I like to add creamer and sometimes a lot of it. I need to find a different way to drink my coffee without adding 1/4 cup of creamer. When i was at a clients job site there were these brownies that looked so good and the lady told me that I could take one I turned it down and said I have cake at home. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about the cake. When I came home I grabbed a small piece of cake and ate it. Then we had dinner meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. Swimming, lessons home shower and bathes. Then I had another piece of cake and added more frosting. Hurry up cake and get out of my site. Hubby took a check for me over to the office and was talking to the lady that works in there. She told him how proud of me she is for going to workout. She told him she knows I probably don’t she the change but she defiantly does and to have me keep going. All I can say is that put a huge smile on my face and made me feel good. She’s right I don’t see the difference, I don’t feel like my body is changing at all or look any different. I do have to say I’m starting to like his working out thing a little bit. I’m thinking of changing it to 3times a week which would leave me to m,w and f which would be fine with me. Also i just found out that another one of my family members has thyroid issues so now I just need to stop procrastinating and make that appointment to get it checked out. I will make it tomorrow no promises or guarantees but it will be on my to do list first thing in the morning. I just need to make that first step in life to see where it takes me. Also someone told me to make small goals every week to accomplish and I like that idea. So my first goal is to make my thyroid appointment and get tested. Until next time…. Goodnight

A whole box of Mac n cheese, yes please

Alright Saturday has come and gone. Tomorrow is super bowl Sunday and it’s going to be another trying time. We are gonna have friends over at our house and food lots of food. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow when it happens. So today I had my friends son at my house since he spent the night and I had to find something to do to keep the kids entertained and away from the tv. So we went outside to play in the snow. Well they did and I just watched because I don’t have boots which I need to buy. Came in after 40 minutes put on a movie to get them settled down for a nap and I ended up falling asleep. I had a headache that I wanted to get rid of. Hubby gave them lunch. Woke up made a craft with them and did some coloring books. Sent hubby to store to buy some ingridents so I could make a chocolate cake from scratch since I was in a baking mood. Well couldn’t do it since I didn’t have enough sugar. Oh well I’ll do it tomorrow. Made dinner Mac n cheese and hot dogs. I had a second helping of Mac n cheese since I love it so much. When I was younger on the weekends when my friends weren’t around to hangout I would make a box and eat it all to myself. Actually I can still do that but don’t. Then I had two glasses of wine. Now my stomach hurts don’t know if it’s from eating to much Mac n cheese or the wine. Came in the room after my friend and her son left and did my yoga squats which I don’t mind doing since they are easy and I can watch tv while doing them. Until next time…. Goodnight

Survived the week

This week has come to an end I made it. I have been so tired from getting up at 4:30 and not going to bed until 9 every night. So today we had the pot luck at work and I ended up being pancakes with the toppings. I guess people really liked the idea and they were almost gone. That makes me feel good. I also survived the pot luck. Before I left for the day I grabbed myself a plate. I didn’t fill it up like I usually do I just put what I wanted to taste and left. If I still worked in center I probably would have stuffed my face full. I also brought my lunch and had that to eat later. Today I have been just feeling super emotional. It could be because Aunt Flo is in town visiting but not sure. This morning I was at my clients house outside waiting and the sun set just looked so beautiful I started to cry and thinking to myself how I hate that I live pay check to pay check don’t have a house and bills keep piling up. It’s like as soon as we get ahead bam another bill. When life gets like this, this is where I start to fall off and give up all hope of being healthy. I just get so down and out that I want to eat my feelings away. When I feel alone, sad stressed out I want to eat. It gets hard sometimes to fight the urge to do so, but when you have no money you really don’t have a choice. When I came home from worktop day I was feeling good and was thinking I should go work out. Well that didn’t happen I came in and started watching Beyonce videos and doing work. So for dinner tonight I made waffles, bacon and kielbasa links. Man I was full half way through my waffle which I feel is a good sign. Cleaned up the kitchen kids ready for a movie and settle in the floor. As im laying on the couch I fell asleep for a few minutes then woke up. Kids are in bed tomorrow is a new day. Until next time…. Goodnight