The struggle is real

Sorry I haven’t wrote for a long time I just haven’t had anything to really write lately and I dont want to bore you. So I usually go out to eat on the weekends but I’m trying to stay away from it. So on Friday I was talking to hubby about what to eat and we couldn’t figure it out. I was pacing the house and getting anxious because I just wanted to go out to eat and not cook. I was trying  to find any excuse to go out to eat but hubby wouldn’t have it. So we ended up making spicy Thai noodles which was delicious. Then Saturday I went to my moms with my grandma, my daughter and niece. We ended up going to pizza ranch for dinner, and then I ate culvers on Sunday for lunch. As we were driving I was telling my grandma about me trying to lose weight and how hard it is. I am a food addict and love to eat anything, go out to eat and eat beyond me being full. So last week some time I was driving and I have been craving to eat chick fil a because I want to try there frozen lemonade. So I drove by it last week and kept looking in my mirror and trying to talk myself into why I should get it. “Well you have been wanting it”, “just turn around and get a small frozen lemonade”, “no just keep driving, you don’t need it”. So I did just that I kept on driving. But it is embedded in my brain and will sit there until I try it. I was telling my grandma how I struggle with myself on going out to eat or eating certain foods. It’s a struggle to not just go through the drive thru and get food or go out to eat. She had no idea that that’s how I felt and that I go through those struggles. However I lost 5 pounds and im so happy about that, it took me over a month to get the 5 pounds off but that’s 5 pounds and a good step in the right direction. Until next time…. Goodnight


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