The results are in….

Weekend has come and gone already, one week closer to leaving on our vacation. So i didnt have such a good weekend saturday i went out to eat at taco bell for lunch. Later that night we went to a friends house and when we left it was after 12. Hubby and i were hungry and were debating on if we wanted to get something to eat. In my head i was screaming hell yeah lets get some white castles. The words out of my mouth where no because we have to pass the house go down the street then tomorrow we will regret it and say, “Why did we eat white castle last night”?  So we ended up just going home and to bed. Woke up sunday morning and i told hubby that i wanted a donut. I didnt want a donut from the gas station or from the grocery store, i wanted something different and good. I was thinking mojo monkey, so i looked up the donuts they had and picked two that i wanted. Well if one wasnt there then the other would be my back up. I wanted to go but i knew if i did i would have bought my self like 2 or 3 donuts just so i could have them to eat for the next few days. Well hubby went, thank god i wouldnt be tempted to get more than one donut. Hubby came home and i couldnt wait to eat my peanut butter and jelly donut with potato chips on top. All though the donut was delicious i had gut rut from all the sugar. I was still hungry after since i just had sugar. But didnt eat anything ekse since i just had a donut. Went to my brothers house on sunday for dinner and had grilled burgers, brats, chips and dip and baked beans. Was delicious cant wait for summer so we can grill more often. Then we went to pick up our son from my mothers house and bought wendys on the way home. My daughter and i shared a meal she had chicken nuggets i had a burger and we shared the fries and drink. 

I recieved my results back from my thyroid test and eveything came back normal. Part of my was a little sad because i thought this could be my problem to not losing weight, getting pregnant and hair loss. All i would have had to do was take a pill to get it all normal again. Then the other part of me was relieved because then i dont have to take pills, but now i know i have to work out twice as hard and eat more healthier. Which is all fine with me. I have a meeting tomorrow so i decided to work out today, i will probably still work out tomorrow but we’ll see where the day takes us. Im getting the hang of working out, i feel like my body craves for me to work out which it never really has done before. By this time i would have given up and went back to my old ways but im sticking with it, im tired of my old ways. I weighed myself when i got home from swimming lessons and i lost another pound. So now i weigh 268 woo hoo feels good. For dinner tonight we made burrito bowls and mine was made with quinoa and man was it good, it seriously tasted like chipotle, very satisfying. Until next time…. Goodnight


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