Cauliflower pizza crust is my new bff

I didn’t work today so I was excited to sleep in. I turned off my alarm and was sleeping good, until 4:30am came around when my husband bumped me in his sleep and woke me up. That was it I was up and ready for the day😔 I really wanted to sleep in and enjoy it. Went to breakfast with my bestie,  went to Perkins then took the kids to monkey house to burn off some energy then to target. Tonight for dinner we tried something new, cauliflower pizza crust. I had it once at girls weekend when my cousin made it and I loved it have been talking about it to hubby since. I did research for it on Pinterest and found a recipe on how to make it. It seemed really complicating with the riced cauliflower, microwaving and drying. Well it wasn’t as hard as I thought it sounded. Made my first batch and while the crust was cooking man it smelled so good, like you just walked into a pizza shop. The first one was made with pizza sauce, pepperoni and Italian cheese. They family really liked it, Phew hubby and kids approved. Then I made mine I didn’t flatten it out as thin as this first and I added a cream cheese pesto for sauce, leftover chicken, tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella. All I can say is this will be made again in the house and the pizza toppings are going to get better. I started looking up recipes for different uses and found some other ways to use cauliflower and a different recipe which I will try next time for the crust. If you have been hesitant on trying the cauliflower crust try it it is so good. Also I weighed myself yesterday and I lost a pound . Yoo hoo that feels good. Until next time …. Goodnight


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