step 1: Thyroid test and ultra sound

Was a busy morning I had to get my daughter up with me so I could drop her off at day care. I made breakfast for three, lunch and snacks for me and coffee for myself. Out the door stopped to get gas and washer fluid then dropped my daughter off. Went to work and was there early which was nice After work I came home and worked out with the hubby took a shower and went to my doc appointment. I had an ultra sound done on my thyroid since they are a little swollen and to see if there are any nodules. I’m a little nervous but happy to be getting this done all at the same time. I’m happy because this could be some of the cause to my problems and it’s a simple fix, take pills. Im nervous because if it’s not my thyroid then there are other steps I have to take to deal with my problems. I will definatly keep you updated. My goal for this week is going pretty good today I added cinnamon to my coffee. I’m experimenting to see what I like and how to cut out all that creamer. Until next time …. Good night


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