Lonnng weekend

So I haven’t wrote anything since my last post so I will recap and keep it short. So I ate at Panera bread for lunch and Chili’s for dinner on Friday with the kids. Chipotle on Saturday with my daughter (We shared a bowl and a bag of chips), Chili’s again on Sunday with the hubby for lunch and Subway on Monday on our way to get the kids. I know that’s a lot of eating out,I agree with you and I think I somewhat figured out why I tend to eat out so much. So I do a menu for every week and go grocery shopping for the week. So since money was a little tight in the pockets last week we didn’t have much choices in our house for meals until we got paid on Friday. Then when Friday came around I didn’t feel like grocery shopping and putting together a menu. Which trying to put a menu together that is appeasing to the kids and hubby is a little difficult. It’s also difficult when your starting out trying to look for good clean healthy eating recipes, it gets tough. But anyway the weekend kept going and I kept pushing off on grocery shopping and menu planning, I did try to put a menu together on Saturday but I was getting annoyed with not finding anything and everything looking and being the same recipes I gave up. That’s when I decided to go to Chipotle with my daughter to kept dinner. Then Sunday came dropped the kids off with my mom and on our way home stopped at Chili’s. Since Sunday was Valentines day we decided to stay home cook dinner and watch movies. Hubby made T- Bone steak with hollandaise sauce, twice baked potatoes, green beans, Texas toast and a Cesar salad. Also we had a bottle of Moscato, and we went to nadias cakes to pick up dessert which were cupcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries with Moscato inside, mmmmm delicious. Monday before we picked up the kids I was determined to get my menu and grocery shopping done which I accomplished. That’s when I realized that if I don’t have a menu for clean healthy eating I derail and get crazy on going out to eat and not carrying what I put in my mouth and body, I just want food and good food at that. Also I only do menu planning for dinner I really just wing breakfast and lunch so those are the next things I’m concentrating on. I did find some really good oatmeal recipes on Pinterest. I tried one this morning the one I tried was a german chocolate oatmeal. I have to say I was really impressed and highly enjoyed it. Also I did not add any sugar to it, I got my sweetness from the ingredients that where in the oatmeal. I will defiantly being doing this more often. Also I have a cup of coffee every morning during the week day and I bring it with me in my mug to work, I don’t like the taste of coffee so I put about 1/4 cup of flavored creamer in my coffee so I don’t taste it. So I wanted to make a change and try to figure out different ways to make my coffee taste good without all the added sugars. I bought a new creamer its made by silk?, but its a coconut vanilla milk. So this morning in my coffee I did 2tablespoons of that then 1 teaspoon of sugar and it wasn’t bad. Not what I’m use to but will get use to it. For dinner tonight we made lemon chicken quinoa for me, rice for the rest of family and green beans. I’m really trying to incorporate more vegetables into my menu then just meat and starch. Whether the family wants them or not they will be on my plate. Last thing I went to my doc appointment yesterday about my thyroid, when she touched my neck she said it was a little swollen so I’m getting a ultra sound done to it to make sure there aren’t any nodules on them. This is another stop in my direction to a healthy me. My goal for this week is to not put so much creamer in my coffee. eeekkk that’s going to be tough but I’m up for the challenge. Until next time…. Goodnight


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