Today was a rough day😞

Today was just not a good day for me. Work was stressful, kids are bothering me and im ready to give up on my journey to a healthy me. Had my tostada for breakfast, left over chili for lunch and cran orange muffin. When i came home i finished my work and talked to hubby to figure out what to have for dinner. We were thinking of having pizza for dinner tomorrow but hubby has to work so we decided to do pizza tonight. I like to have pizza that has different toppings and I’m trying to stay away from red sauce since i think that’s what causes my acid reflux. But we couldn’t figure out where to orderer from so i could get a white pizza instead, nothing stood out to me that i wanted so i settled on carbones sausage pizza. While we were talking about pizza i told hubby that i wasn’t in the mood to work out today. Hubby told me to get up and go, so i went to the gym and worked out. Today i did the elliptical for 20minutes and did cardio. Within the first 2 minutes i wanted to give up because my thighs are hurting and felt tired. So i stopped then i thought to myself dont give up pansy keep going, so i did then 4 minutes in i wanted to give up again so i thought to myself again this is a good feeling in your legs don’t give up, So i kept going. Man it felt like 20 minutes would never come so i had too figure out a way to stop looking at the time. I made out to the end, then i had to lift weights and i didn’t even want to do that, but i did. I was happy my workout was over and was looking forward to getting in the house. By the time i came home the pizza was there i sat down ate my dinner gave baths and took a shower. I told hubby I’m getting into the slump where i just want to give up, I’m bored and I’m not seeing results. I’m trying i really am but this is how far i get and give up. It takes a lot to eat right and exercise. This is where the fat girl addict comes out and says lets just stop, and majority of the time i agree with her. Why can’ it just be easy to lose the weight as easy as it is to put on the weight. Like when i eat pizza and gain 5 pounds, why can’t i workout and lose 10 pounds, life would be so much easier. Also i forgot to mention i made my self my thyroid appointment for Monday. Hope i can see if this is the cause of my weight problem and i can get it under control and see the weight to start going down. Will keep all updated. Until next time…. Goodnight


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