Cake please leave me sight

So yesterday was super bowl Sunday and we had a friend and her family come over. Hubby made so much food you think we had 10 people coming over. I have to say I have lunch and breakfast stuff for the next few days so I’m ok with that. I made a chocolate cake from scratch and man was it delicious. Before I put the frosting on i ate some. Then when I was done frosting I licked the spatula. I have a love for chocolate frosting from the container, I mean really who doesntūüėÄ. I ate a little plate of all the things we had and ate a few more chips and salsa. Then I had a piece of cake and a cup of juice. I was full after that. But then when I burped I could taste the chicken so when I went into the kitchen I would take a piece of chicken and sit down. I did that about 4 times. That’s the hard part for me¬†is to walk pass food¬†without sampling a piece or two especially when it’s so good.

So now where onto Monday i woke up had oatmeal for breakfast leftover chicken, cottage cheese and triscuits for lunch. Strawberry banana naked smoothie and my water and coffee. For my coffee I can’t stand the taste of black coffee I like to add creamer and sometimes a lot of it. I need to find a different way to drink my coffee without adding 1/4 cup of creamer. When i was at a clients job site there were these brownies that looked so good and the lady told me that I could take one I turned it down and said I have cake at home. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about the cake. When I came home I grabbed a small piece of cake and ate it. Then we had dinner meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. Swimming, lessons home shower and bathes. Then I had another piece of cake and added more frosting. Hurry up cake and get out of my site. Hubby took a check for me over to the office and was talking to the lady that works in there. She told him how proud of me¬†she is for going to workout. She told him she knows I probably don’t she the change but she defiantly does and to have me keep going. All I can say is that put a huge smile on my face and made me feel good. She’s right I don’t see the difference, I don’t feel like my body is changing at all or look any different. I do have to say I’m starting to like his working out thing a little bit. I’m thinking of changing it to 3times a week which would leave me to m,w and f which would be fine with me. Also i just found out that another one of my family members has thyroid issues so now I just need to stop procrastinating and make that appointment to get it checked out. I will make it tomorrow no promises or guarantees but it will be on my to do list first thing in the morning. I just need to make that first step¬†in life to see where it takes me. Also someone told me to make small goals every week to accomplish and I like that idea. So my first goal is to¬†make my thyroid appointment and get tested. Until next time…. Goodnight


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