A whole box of Mac n cheese, yes please

Alright Saturday has come and gone. Tomorrow is super bowl Sunday and it’s going to be another trying time. We are gonna have friends over at our house and food lots of food. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow when it happens. So today I had my friends son at my house since he spent the night and I had to find something to do to keep the kids entertained and away from the tv. So we went outside to play in the snow. Well they did and I just watched because I don’t have boots which I need to buy. Came in after 40 minutes put on a movie to get them settled down for a nap and I ended up falling asleep. I had a headache that I wanted to get rid of. Hubby gave them lunch. Woke up made a craft with them and did some coloring books. Sent hubby to store to buy some ingridents so I could make a chocolate cake from scratch since I was in a baking mood. Well couldn’t do it since I didn’t have enough sugar. Oh well I’ll do it tomorrow. Made dinner Mac n cheese and hot dogs. I had a second helping of Mac n cheese since I love it so much. When I was younger on the weekends when my friends weren’t around to hangout I would make a box and eat it all to myself. Actually I can still do that but don’t. Then I had two glasses of wine. Now my stomach hurts don’t know if it’s from eating to much Mac n cheese or the wine. Came in the room after my friend and her son left and did my yoga squats which I don’t mind doing since they are easy and I can watch tv while doing them. Until next time…. Goodnight


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