Survived the week

This week has come to an end I made it. I have been so tired from getting up at 4:30 and not going to bed until 9 every night. So today we had the pot luck at work and I ended up being pancakes with the toppings. I guess people really liked the idea and they were almost gone. That makes me feel good. I also survived the pot luck. Before I left for the day I grabbed myself a plate. I didn’t fill it up like I usually do I just put what I wanted to taste and left. If I still worked in center I probably would have stuffed my face full. I also brought my lunch and had that to eat later. Today I have been just feeling super emotional. It could be because Aunt Flo is in town visiting but not sure. This morning I was at my clients house outside waiting and the sun set just looked so beautiful I started to cry and thinking to myself how I hate that I live pay check to pay check don’t have a house and bills keep piling up. It’s like as soon as we get ahead bam another bill. When life gets like this, this is where I start to fall off and give up all hope of being healthy. I just get so down and out that I want to eat my feelings away. When I feel alone, sad stressed out I want to eat. It gets hard sometimes to fight the urge to do so, but when you have no money you really don’t have a choice. When I came home from worktop day I was feeling good and was thinking I should go work out. Well that didn’t happen I came in and started watching Beyonce videos and doing work. So for dinner tonight I made waffles, bacon and kielbasa links. Man I was full half way through my waffle which I feel is a good sign. Cleaned up the kitchen kids ready for a movie and settle in the floor. As im laying on the couch I fell asleep for a few minutes then woke up. Kids are in bed tomorrow is a new day. Until next time…. Goodnight


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