Taco Bell, Oh Why Do I Love You So Much

Ok as we all know that it is a snow day here. Up early this morning to drive for work again. We didn’t have any groceries in our house so I didn’t get to make anything for breakfast or lunch. I packed a cheese stick, triscuits and yogurt. I gave my cheese stick away to one of my co workers. I also didn’t have creamer for my coffee what am I thinking for running out of creamer. I went to sa to get gas coffee and a bit to eat. I grabbed a banana even tho those doughnuts where calling my name. I had to pass them up because I had coffee and I couldn’t have a doughnut also that would be to much sugar and to much energy for me all at once. When I was done driving my route I had to do site checks and I was hungry because it is now 9am. At one of my job sites there is a restaurant called au Bon pain and had a ham and cheese crossaint. It was super buttery but not enough on the inside. Now this is where I have a problem, when I’m hungry everything in site looks delicious. I ended up buying the crossaint, a naked juice, Rice Krispie bar and macaroons. I saved the macaroons to bring home and share. After I ate I was still hungry so I started eating my triscuits. Then lunch time came and I stopped at Toxic hell or what you guys call it Taco Bell. I love that place so much but then when I get done eating it I always feel sick not physically just mentally. 😀. Came home shoveled  the pathway to our apartment. When I was done with that I came in and I just wanted to lay down and rest, but I know if I rested now I wouldn’t want to work out. I sat here for a minute and then went to get dressed and went to work out for 30min. Came home and just started dancing to my music while hubby was cooking dinner. We ate dinner cleaned up and went to cub and target to pick up a few thing. I needed to buy a few items for breakfast and lunch to get is threw for the next few days. As we were shopping I got really tired and am ready to go to bed. Now that I have stuff to eat for breakfast and lunch there is no excuse for eating out the rest of this week. Until next time…. Good night


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