Fast food temptation week

This weekend was a doozy it was full of food and cruleing stomachs. Friday when I came home from work we went to pick up our daughter then pick up hubbys check I wanted a snack some had Taco Bell half a quesadilla and a chili cheese burrito mmmm that hit the spot. Brooklyn wanted McDonald’s so we bought her a little something. Later that evening around 6:30 we wanted pizza that’s what our initial plans for Friday dinner was, we ended up going to carbones for dinner. It was so good and hit the spot too. Came home and watched a little tv then went to bed. I was so tired since I was up super early.

Saturday came around made blueberry waffles and went to ice skating practice. My mom came up so we could see my grandpa and spend some time together. After ice skating we went out to lunch. I ended up having a short rib grilled cheese sandwich, fries and a lemon drop Martini. I was so full that I didn’t eat anything else that night. Of course 9pm rolls around and who’s hungry now…. This girl so I had a little bit of popcorn and a pudding fudge sickle. That was it stayed up til 1:30 watching movies with the hubby. That was nice because we actually watched what we wanted to and not kid movies.

Here we are at Sunday, I really wanted to go out for breakfast because well breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I mean I could eat breakfast all day and be ok with that. But instead I opted to eat in. I made myself a breakfast tostada. Did laundry and cleaned the bathroom all by 10. Then I was bored talked to her baby about the day and we ended up going out to moa. I should have waited until lunch time to go so I could eat at home but I was ready at 11. So we went bought a Jamba Juice to share with my daughter, and well let’s say she drank most if it. Wel walked around a little more and I was so hungry. Everything I was looking at and smelling made me want to just eat everything and anything. I wanted Thai mango chicken, philly sandwiche with my king cheese fries with bacon and sour cream. I wanted chipotle, a burger, a malt anything. I ended up going to Johnny Rockets and I decided I wanted chicken tenders so I could share with my daughter and cheese fries. Well I ate the chicken tenders and my daughter once again pretty much are all the cheese fries. After that I was full. We walked around and then bam  I was extremely tired, I mean I could fall asleep standing up tired. Now I’m ready to leave. We came home and I ended up falling asleep for maybe 30 minutes. Then I decided it was time to wake up. Dinner was in the crock pot cooking, we were making chicken for tacos. We were suppose to have Spanish rice with it but forgot to make it so we just had tacos. I ate two tacos and we had left over white rice in the fridge so I had a little bit of that. Once again I was full after I ate, I mean so full I was ready to go to sleep full. I had to get everything ready for the next day so I got up and started moving some wouldn’t fall asleep. Went to bed at my normal time and that was my weekend.

Whoxh brings to today Monday. I’m a little nervous about this week because I am super busy and this will test my healthy eating or out to eat habits (which are easy in these days). So all this week I have to drive for my job plus do all my work site checks, three meetings two in one day. Swimming lessons which were today workout on Tuesdays and Thursday, counseling appointment  tomorrow. A meeting with my aunt and sister in law on Friday to go over details about a baby shower plus baby sit on Friday until Saturday evening. I’m exhausted just thinking about that. Like I said this is going to test my habits. Like today I ate breakfast at 5am went to work, drive the bus, went to do 2 job sites had a snack apple and peanut butter. Then went to another job site had lunch that I packed. Came home did work clothes ready for next day swimming stuff ready for the nigh, dinner in oven so I can eat before swimming. Had dinner went to lessons came home took showers read Cinderella and now this. I think today was a good day, but now I’m hungry my stomach is rumbling at me. This is where I go to sleep and wake up in the morning to breakfast. But I don’t have breakfast food in the house so this is where I get tempted to eat out especially since im up early I am trying so hard to stay away from fast food on a busy week like this. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow if I get a chance to get breakfast stuff and healthy work snacks. Well wish me luck, give advice or tips on how to get through this week. Until next time… Goodnight


One thought on “Fast food temptation week

  1. Sounds like you are getting back on track! Always allow yourself one cheat day! Mine is usually Sunday. I had two cups of mac and cheese and then about 6:45pm had a double fudge brownie with chocolate frosting! Yum. I find that if you eat a little something every two hours, small handful of whatever the weight will fall off. Try to workout 3 days a week. And also try High protein snacks. You can do this!! I’m going to shed 40-50 lbs. Walking at least one mile a day helps! Always make the time to go grocery shopping. Swimming also is a great workout. Breakfast is the easiest meal to cook and eat at home. I usually have a piece of fruit and a slice of cinnamon, raisin toast. Coffee is a must at least 2 cups. Lunch, peanut butter on crackers or bread.


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