Food is comfort for my emotional needs

Today did not start out so great. I woke up early so I could get to work on time for once this week. I get all my stuff gathered go out to my car and nope it didn’t want to act right today. I go back into the house to wake my husband up to tell him I need his car and need to drop him and my daughter off. I get into my husbands car and I snag my poncho ugh can this day before over already it’s only 7:30 in the morning. The rest of my day went fine, hubby took car to shop to see what was wrong with it. They call and tell me the price todos my car. Let’s just say I do t have that so kiss my 😮. So I called my brother told him what’s up and he’s going to fix it for me, again thank god for big brothers, right😊. When my days go like this, this is where I fall into just give me everything in site food. Food comforts my stress, depression, anger and whatever else emotion I feel that food needs to fill those spots. Food is my go to when things in my life don’t go right or things happen. But today I was not going to let that happen. After I came home from work I worked out for 30 minutes, I figured eating fattening foods was not gonna help solve my emotional feelings. I did feel good when I finished working out. Question for my everyday exercises peeps is it better to workout before you eat or after you eat? I always workout before I eat because I feel if I don it after then I won’t want to workout. Until net time…. Goodnight


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