Sucker for street food and food trucks

Ok so today started off as a good day. Slept pretty good until my husband had a dream that he was in a fight witb someone and tried to hit thsm and hit me right in the chest. Didnt hurt that much but early in the morning and not knowing ehat was going on it hurt a little. Thought he was besting the kife back into me or something lol jk. Made my breakfast tortilla again man is that good. Took me an hour to drive into work because of accidents ugh. Went to two job sites came back out to my car to go to another job site and bam car wont start. Found some to give me a jump and that didnt work. So i called a tow truck to take it to my brothers to have him look at it. Called hubby to come pick me up because i was stranded in minneapolis. So as i waited for the tow truck to get there i went to this little coffee shop by the job site called corner coffee and orderer lunch. Of course as i say its for eat in the tow truck pulls up so then i got it to go and went out to the driver. He hooked my car up in 2 minutes and took off. Hubby was still at work so that means 30 minutes before he gets me. So im standing outside with all my stuff and food wondering where to go. I told hubby that i feel stupid going back into the coffee shop, so i did and they asked me about my car. I sat thefe and ate my lunch which was really good. I had a half a grilled cheese and a cup if chicken and dumbling soup. Let me tell you if your looking for a good grilled cheese go to the corner coffee in the north loop. It did not skimp on the cheesd and the coffee shop was cute and cozy. Cma home did work had dinner which was so good. We had man pleasing chicken with egg noodles and green beans. Oh man talk about flvor i wanted seconds but there wasnt seconds if chicken and we had to go. Went to my brothers and he fixed my car. All it was, was a loose battery cable. Thank god for big brothers that fix cars. Came home and here i am writing my blog. So i have good perks and bad perks about my job. Good ones i love my job, my clients, and the new places im discovering to eat at and reccomend. The down side i see resturants and can smell food all day. It is the temptation to walk pass a place when its lunch time and you havent had your lunch and see and smell all the food. You know you havent ate and you have a credit card and it would taste so good and be very satisfying. But all i want to do is hurry back to my car and scarf my food down and get my mind off of the food that i was smelling. Mmmm garlic and grease in the air smells so good 😋. Summer time is going to be hard because in downtown minneapolis by one of my job sites they have about 6 food trucks. Im a sucker for street food and food trucks. Hopefully when the summer comes i will have control over of eating and be healthier and wont have those cravings. Until next time….. Goodnight


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