Is she pregnant or is she fat?

Had a good night sleep was dreaming pretty good then my alarm went off. Huh I hate when that happens. Anyway I made a really good breakfast tostada this morning. It was scrambled eggs, refrained beans and cheese. I put some homemade salsa on it that I bought from the Mississippi market and it was so good. Then I had left overs for lunch and yogurt for snack. Went to pick up my daughter and came home. Since my hubby was out I brought my daughter to the gym with me. I brought the tablet and her head phones and told her to sit on the mat while I worked out. Today I added 5 more minutes to my work out so I did the bike for 20 and then lifted weights. For my weight lifting I have increased my reps to 12 instead of 10, every two weeks I’m going to increase my twos by two and the weights. Need to built that muscle. So today my hubby went to the doctor and he lost some weight which I’m really happy for him but it makes me mad. I have been eating healthier and working out since the begining of this month and haven’t lost a pound yet. So I weigh 270 and one day I will weight 269 then in a few days go back up to 270. I weigh myself in the morning as soon as I get up and use the bathroom. This is where I start to feel like well if I’m not losing weight might as well give up because it’s not going to happen. I’m not obsessed with weighing myself but I like to see results especially since I have been doing fairly well for almost a month. I need to make myself a doc appointment and get my thyroid checked out. I have 4 aunts and a cousin that all have under active thyroid, which could be a cause to not losing weight, losing hair, and having a hard time getting pregnant. I’ll probably make that appointment tomorrow because I want to see if that’s the case. My dads side of the family scares me because of all their medical problems. Heart attacks, diabetes, thyroid, back issues and breast cancer (2 aunts not hereditary). I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but this is another major reason why I want to eat healthy and get healthy. I want to avoid as much as possible of having these issues because of my weight and unhealthy lifestyle. I will keep working on it. I need to feel sexy in my own skin and not grossed out every time I take my clothes off and look in a mirror. Sometimes I think it would be easier to take a knife and just cut my fat off but that wouldn’t fix anything it’s all in the mind set. I would like to bend over and breath when I tie my shoes, I would like to actually look pregnant when ever that happens again and not just look fat for the first 7 months. I want the big baby belly that you can clearly see that I’m pregnant and not guessing if I’m pregnant or is she fat? Well I can go in but I will save it for another day and another topic. UntiL next time ….. Good night


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