“Ya, you go girl”!!!!

So today my daughter had swimming lessons and I have to be in the water with her, man is it a work out. She is always on the move and never wants to stay still while I’m holding her. Hubby was in the stands watching us. He said from what he saw she was doing a pretty good job. Before we went swimming we had dinner I had found a recipe on Pinterest, it was a tortilla chicken soup. I put it in the slow cooker before I went to work so it would be ready by time we got home from work and school. Well my other slower cooker broke so I bought a new one, It is a lot smaller than my last one. When I was looking at the ingredients last night I know they wouldn’t all fit in the new slow cooker. I cut the recipe sort of in half and it was still to much, told hubby when he comes home to transfer it into a pan and add more chicken and corn. Well I think we let it sit to long in the pan because all the broth was gone so it kind of turned into a chilli, which was fine with me it was super good full of flavor. Me and my son had two bowls and the hubby had one bowl. My daughter didn’t want any because she wasn’t hungry  at the time. Went swimming came home baths and showers I finished work and start thinking to myself. I started thinking how I feel when I get out of the shower or how I feel after I work out. I feel sexy when I’m fresh out the shower. I feel sexy when I get done working out like yeah I just worked out so what you can’t tell me anything. While I workout I listen to music that makes me feel sexy and picture myslelf dancing to the music and how good I will look when I start losing weight and getting into shape. The persons body that I idle is Beyonce, I think she has an amazing body and am still waiting for her to come out with a workout video. So of course since I love Beyonce I listen to a lot of her music while working out and dance to it in my head also when no one is looking i start dancing in the gym 😀. Has anyone watched that new show called my diet is better than yours? Well I watched my first episode last week and I’m like that one girl on there that doesn’t like to sweat and procrastinates when it comes time to working out. I hate sweating, when I start to sweat and people see me I think to myself… “What are they thinking”? Look at that fat girl over there trying to workout knowing damn well she will just go home and eat a cheeseburger. Oh man that girl is gross, look she is all sweaty and gross looks like a fat pig. But that’s just me thinking of those things. I’m sure they are not paying attention to me and my sweaty ness, or like ya you go girl get your workout on. Whenever I see a big girl out running or working out I want to shout at them and encourage them like “ya you go girl”, “you can do it” or “your beautiful”. I know if someone yelled this at me while I’m working out in public I would be afraid at first and be like what the hell did they just say? Then it would register and make me happy that some random person yelled encouraging things at me and start laughing and think ya I got this and workout even harder. As my time on this journey I’m going to want to quit or give up but then I stop and think, “I don’t want my kids to be unhealthy and over weight like me”. I don’t want them to get teased in school or picked on because they are over weight. I was teased in school because I was a big girl, names called like thunder thighs. I don’t want my kids to go through this. That’s why I need to change myself and how I am so they can be healthy and fit. Plus I just need tonkeepmup with my daughter who is a burst of energy. When her and I run up the stairs she runs the same pace as me. That’s embarrassing😳 Until next time…. Goodnight


2 thoughts on ““Ya, you go girl”!!!!

  1. That just made me so sad that you think people would be judging you that way in the gym. Anyone who has the determination to get up and go out their bodies through that is a badass in my book, no matter what their starting size is. Just keep at it, girl. You are killing it!!

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    1. Thanks Jerusha that’s just my thought process. I’m getting to the point where I don’t care what people think because I know everyone goes threw there struggles to get healthy and fit. We all have to start somewhere


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