Weekend closing

So as the wekend comes to an end this is what happened…. Saturday woke went to Brooklyns ice skating in the am then went to the target for a few items. I was determined to cook dinner and saturday night, which i havent done in a long time. So we came home from icd skating had left over enchiladas and i took a two hour nap. I was just tired and didnt eant to do anything. Im fighting a little cold nothing major. I felt run down and ait was getting late and i just didnt feel like doing anything. This is where the temptation to go and grab something to eat, but i was determined to cook something. So i got up took turkey out to make a cheese burger pasta. Whileni was waiting for my turkey to unthaw i made bananaa bread with a new recipe that i got from my weight watchers book. Made the cheese burger pasta, which i think i ated to many noodles but turned out really good. After dinner i went back to lay on the couch until bedtime. I did not sleep that well on saturday my back was hurting and woke up with a head ach. I woke up at 6 am so much for sleeping in.

So that leads us to today sunday. I woke up and started cleaning my kitchen imhave neglected it for a awhile so it was time to make it shine. Hubby and kids where still sleeping so i took advantage of the peaceful cleaning. By time they woke up i was finishing the kitchen. Hubby ran to the store to grab stuff for breakfast. I was not gonna let sunday be like saturday so i made sure i stayed busy. I cleaned my whold apartment by 9 am. Ate breakfast made a grocery list for items for the weekly menu, got ready left the house got the car washed and did the shopping. Came home had lunch. Then i watched a movie in hopes to get a nap, but that didnt happen. Went to my brothers house and had dinner. We had jerk chicken, rice and peas, biscuits and hot links. I ate enough to be content which was not a lot. Told hubby that im not looking forward to sleeping tonight. I have been so restless lately and not sleeping good. We will see how tonight goes. All in all i think i did pretty good for this weekend on not eating out and cooking dinner on saturday. Small steps to a healthier me. Until next time….. Goodnight


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