Fatty Food Day

So today was not a good day. I had to drive for work this morning so I was up early this morning 4:30am to be exact. I had to be to work at 6:00am drive pick up clients and then go into the field and do my checks, which turn into a long day. I didn’t bring lunch with me our have breakfast since i was up so early. So i ate a breakfast burrito at a coffee shop which was good, i also bought a naked juice and a buster bar rice Krispie. Then i finished my checks and on went to potbelly for lunch i bought a sandwich and a medium mac n cheese with bacon. I ate lunch late then took a nap. Woke up and my husband made dinner and asked if in was ready to eat. I honestly want hungry since i was still full from lunch. So i ate b dinner which was marinated chicken thighs, mashed v potatoes and green beans. Really good and flavorful dinner. Then he wanted to go somewhere or have something for dessert, which is hard for me to say no to since i love sweets. So we were looking at places to go to eat dessert, i looked at melting pot for chocolates fondue and he didn’t b want to go. He bought banquet apple pies so huge made one for the each of us. Of course i ate the whole thing and put cool whip and caramel on top. I did not work out today so know i feel extra lazy. I just get up tomorrow morning and work out first thing in the morning. Im getting into my old self of eating what i want and say Im going to work out and dont. I need to get back on track and fight this slump and show myself that i can do this. I need to look back at my new years resolution and stay focused. Until tomorrow…… Goodnight


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