Holiday gathering temptations

So today i had my works Holiday gathering we were able to decide what apps an beverages we wanted. I know i couldn’t eat to much since i was coming home to eat dinner. So i tried to stay on the light side so i orderer a magarhita flat bread pizza. I ate 3pieces of pizza. There was tons of food that my co-workers were ordering. There was chicken wings, cheese curds, onion rings, and other flat bread pizza. Then there was cake my favorite. So from what my co-workers ordered i also n had one cheese curd, one onion ring and a small piece of cake. Came home and had dinner. We had beef sandwiches with tater tots and aus ju sauce. We ate them on dinner rolls so i had three plus a few tots. I am so full and feel guilty for eating that much. Well tomorrow i will work some of it off.

Also today i am training a guy in with me and he always wants to eat out and I am so tempted every day to but i look at my lunch box and say no i have lunch today. I feel pretty good about that. I am tired today and ready to hit the sheets. Until next time…. Goodnight


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