The weekend plus Monday

Alright so here is my weekend recap. So Friday we wnet out to dinner we ended up going to Applebees since my husband had a gift card. He orderer boneless chicken wings for an app and mozerrella sticks for our daughter to eat. I was starving since i didnt have alot to eat for that day. I ended up having one boneless chicken wing and 2 mozerrella sticks. I orderer enchiladas with green verda sauce and spanish rice on the side. It was really good. Then we came home and just hung out in bed and that was the end of the night.

Saturday my daughter has ice skating for an hour mid morning. We had g and lunch at home and went to Target after skating to get out lunch ingredients since i needed to go shopping. When we got home after Target we had lun h then dropped my husband off at work. Went home and made a grocery list and my menu for the week. We ended up going shopping at Mississippi Market for about 3/4 of my grocery list until my husband called for us to pick him up. So i picked him up and on the way home we stopped at Taco Bell for dinner. Taco Bell is my weakness, i can eat it all the time. Came home had dinner and went to bed.

Sunday morning we had crepes with sauted apples. My daughter has been bugging me about apple pie so i figured this is a healthier juice. Lunch i had grilled cheese and leftover mac and cheese. Then we went to Rainbow so i could finish shopping and ended up buyinb more than what i had in my grocerh list. In my defense i needed lunch meat, yogurt and i ended up buying a cream cheese dip with strawberries and blught a bix of vanilla wafers to dip with. Came home and had a little bowl of the cream cheee dip and shared it with my daughter. Sunday night i was going to dinner an movie with my friends. We ended up going to Fridays and had apps first which we shared amongst the 5 of us. Then we had dinner and my burger was so huge but i finishex it. I also had two 2 peach sangrias which was delicious. Then two of my friends ordered dessert so i had two bits of each one and was done. We went to tbe movies and didnt buy anything since i was so full from dinner. My husband and i had a good conversation about how his eating is going. A week ago he decided he went to eat better to lose weight. But when he does it he goes from one extreme to the other. So he will have grapefruit for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. I told him how it gets hard  to plan meals for the week since he can get picky. When he does this, this is where i usually just give up and go back to mh old eating habits. I am determine to do this and will do it on my own or as a family. I cant keep making excuses for myself anymore. I cant worry about others around me. This is for me and my well being. Its going to be hard to break my eating habits on the weekends. It feels worried cooking dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

Then it brings us to today, today was a good day. Had my breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner im trying to make them more filling with more things. So for dinner tonight we had baked pork chops with cream of mushroom and mashed potatoes. There was suppose to be green beans but hubby forgot. I was bummed becuase i was craving green beans. Oh well we will add it to another meal. My daughter started swimming lessons today so i had to eat fast and go to that. Looks like I will be getting a work out too 😀. After we came home i had a hunger for sweets so my daughter and i ate the rest of the cresm cheese dip. I feel guilty after wards but am happy that i got rid of my sweet tooth for now. Also i went into the office this afternoon there was a cake and a sweets tray. I wanted to have a piece a cake because there was a lot of frosting on it. I passed it up and did work and left the office. Today and this week was ok. Have to keep working on it then it will be fine. Have a good night.


2 thoughts on “The weekend plus Monday

  1. When you feel hungry for sweets try eating some protein. Sweet cravings can be a sign of a protein deficiency. Hummus is a good choice for a protein snack. Great job keeping track of your day to day progress! Good Luck!


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