A Day Late

So I forgot to post about my day yesterday, I have to say it was a pretty good day. I woke up had breakfast made lunch and went off to work. I had a meeting yesterday and my husband had to work late which meant I had to pick up my daughter go home and make dinner. By time I got out my meeting it was a little after 4 and it takes about 40 minutes to get to day care. So I was a little late picking her up. On the way home she kept telling me that she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese and have pizza. Now this is where my struggle of food starts to kick in. As she was saying she wants pizza I’m looking at the clock like well it is 5:30 and I don’t have a menu plan this week so I was struggling on what to cook. I was thinking it would be easy for me to just pick up a pizza and be done with it so were not having a late dinner. Well I kept going back and forth and finally decided that I’m just going to go home and figure something out to eat with the chicken. So I came home found a recipe for my chicken and started cooking dinner. I wasn’t done cooking until 7ish so we didn’t eat until 7:30 (late dinner). I was happy to come home and cook my dinner instead of cooking out and spending money on a pizza and regretting it later.

So know it brings me to today I did my normal routine in the morning got up made breakfast and lunch and went off to work. While I was at my last job site I had a taste for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. No I didn’t get it but I really want some. Had an appointment after work so I knew I was going to work out late today. I came home and changed into my work out clothes and walked over and started working out. Today I was doing the elliptical and within 2 minutes of my 15 minutes of the elliptical my legs where tired and I just wanted to stop and give up. I kept telling my self its just 15 minutes and I can do it, but my legs where tired and I just wanted to sit down. I finished my elliptical workout and time to do the weights, so I did them and went home. Took a shower had dinner and sat down for a bit.  I have to say I’m proud of myself for today, I didn’t feel like working out but I did it because I knew I would be proud of myself after I did. Well time for me to go to sleep. Tomorrow is Friday and its going to be a challenge. I’m use to going out to eat on the weekends so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Until then good night…. 🙂


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