Night cap

My day today was pretty good. Up early this morning to get ahead start to get into work. Gave my son a ride to his bus stop since it was freezing cold outside. For breakfast I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in wheat bread. The jelly is homemade it’s a black berry jelly so good. I make lunches and bring them with me to work since I drive in my car all day. I made a salad with left over pork loin from the night before and a pepper jack cheese stick cut up. I had a nutri grain bar for a snack. Came home and worked out for 30 minutes. I did the bike today for 15 minutes then worked on my arms and legs lifting weights for the last 15. Came home had dinner. Hubby made chicken souvlaki sandwiches with taziki sauce made with yogurt. And baked tater tots. It was delicious had some left over do I will be having that for lunch tomorrow and having hummus and pita chips with it. My positive for the day is that my hubby, son and I played a card game and I won. My negative I didn’t work up a sweat when I was working out. Well that’s about it from my end everyone have a good night.


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