The begining

It’s a new year which means it’s a new me. My New Years resolution is the year of me. I’m gonna take this time to get myself (and hopefully me family) to be a bit more active and to start eating healthy. In the pass my New Years resolution was to lose weight, I mean that’s been my resolution for the last 20 years. Usually I start by dropping all things unhealthy and workout 5 days a week. Then I get burnt out 2 weeks in and say forget it and go back to my old ways. Now that I am 30 and want to make the change I’m starting off slow. I’m going to gradually introduce healthy foods into my home and body. I’m going to gradually start working out and increase as time goes on. My goal is to hopefully have all processed foods out of my house and working out 5 times a week wheather it’s in a gym, outside or in my home. I will talk about my day and my struggles that I have about what to eat and do I want to work out. I will talk about what I did positive for the day and what I did negative that day. It’s going to be my open diary so I can look back and see what I did and accomplish.


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